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1. Prompt payment Terms are COD, unless otherwise negotiated. 

2. Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro purchase 

threshold (additional fees may apply).

3. Government purchase cards are accepted above the micro purchase 

threshold (additional fees may apply). 

4. Foreign items: all offered items are compliant with the Trade Agreements Act. 

5. Time of Delivery: All orders and deliveries are subject to availability. 

6. Expedited delivery when available. 

7. Geographic Coverage: Domestic 

8. All Orders and Deliveries are FOB Destination, unless otherwise negotiated. 

9. Warranty Provision: Standard Commercial warranty on products. 

10. Terms and Conditions of Installation are N/A. 

11. Preventative maintenance: N/A.


1.The purchase order clauses are applicable as indicated in the DLA master 

solicitation for automated solicitations and resulting awards, 

revision 35, July 2010, which can be found at 

2. Class I ozone depleting chemicals are not to be used nor incorporated in 

any items to be delivered under this contract. This prohibition supersedes 

all specification requirements but does not alleviate any product requirements. 

3. Substitute chemicals must be submitted for approval unless they are authorized

by the specification requirements. 

4. E46A02 52 246-2 Inspection of Supplies - Fixed Price (Aug 1996) FAR 

5. E11C02 52.211-9023 Substitution of any item after award (Aug 2007) DLAD 

6. Certificate of Conformance is required with acceptance of product(s).